River Valley Veterinary Services has been our veterinary clinic for close to 15 years.  Their staff has shared our joy of new pet additions.  They have also joined us in tears when it came time to put some of our beloved pets down.  We currently have three dogs, all who love visiting their friends at River Valley.  They are the best!!!

Jim & Rosemary McCarty

My name is Lou Ann Routt and my husband Michael and I have rescued three dogs over the past few years.  As our family grew so did our need for a reliable and competent Veterinary Clinic.  After a rather negative experience with another clinic we switched to River Valley and have been absolutely thrilled with the care and service they provide.    From the front desk to the Vet Techs the customer service is phenomenal.  They are all so friendly, caring and professional. The Doctors are all top notch. They are excellent at handling our dogs, diagnosing the problem and the follow up is outstanding.   On numerous occasions they have accommodated a last minute visit and the care is never compromised.    I highly recommend River Valley and am thrilled to have such a facility full of caring professionals in our community.  I can never thank them enough for all they do for our best friends, Biscuit, Moe and Cheese.  We are very grateful.

Lou Ann Routt

River Valley Veterinary Service is by far the best clinic I have been to in all my years of doctoring for my pets, or even for myself, and I am now a grandmother.  I feel they accept full-time responsibility for the health of my pets, not just when we are in the clinic.  The pleasant e-mail reminders, test results, information and/or suggestions are so convenient and timely.  I also really appreciate the printed summary of our exam/care/recommendations that is sent along home for me to read.  I find that very valuable and helpful.  I feel we are really in good hands.

Eileen Latterell & pets

Over the years River Valley Veterinary Clinic has always been there for us not only in crises but just as much for the ordinary day to day issues that arise.    The professional approach and personal care that is given has been impressive.  I have used several clinics across the country and have never had better accessibility and punctual response times, which are very important to me.  Thank you, River Valley for taking care of us!

Eve Martin and family